Is Dez Bryant in a “dark place” or is that a black cloud?

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Football
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Brandon Wade/AP

If the adage “when it rains, it pours” is true, Dez Bryant is on monsoon alert.  The past week has found his name smeared, as his antics continue to garner him attention despite a work stoppage in the NFL.  Bryant started the week with a criminal trespass warning from Northpark Mall in Dallas after he and his friends were asked by an off-duty police officer working security to pull up their sagging pants.  Mr. Bryant responded with profanity and resistance.

Dez responded to the altercation on Twitter saying, “The real story has been put out on 103.3.. It’s really a non story..the media need something to talk about anyway how has everyone day been?”

The black cloud only grew as it followed Bryant into Tuesday as creditors began popping out of the woodwork to file suit over unpaid bills, somehow sensing Bryant’s impending collapse.

Apparently, Dez likes to shop as he has incurred $861,350 in unpaid debt, with $246,000 spent on jewelry alone.  Every successful WR needs a little bling.  Oh wait, he has only started 2 games?  According to rumors reported by ESPN 103.3’s Ben and Skin, the debt accumulated totals around a third of Bryant’s signing bonus.

The week continued to spiral as Deion Sanders washed his hands and made it clear to an attentive audience that he is not to be associated with Dez Bryant and that the bridge was burned long ago.  Sanders, known to be loyal and supportive of young players has been disrespected by Bryant on more than one occasion.  According to Deion, “he [Dez] needs help”.

One great achievement was made as Dez Bryant and his attorney, Texas Senator, Royce West, reached a deal with Northpark to resend the criminal trespass warning bringing peace to the weary adversaries.  This quick resolution makes one wonder what miracles Mr. West might perform in the Middle East.

The truth is, Dez has been acting like a diva long before he was drafted but his “stellar” start to the season, 45 catches for 561 yds and 6 TDs, has him seeing early Hall of Fame stars.  In a league with ego driven wide receivers, it’s easy to forgive Bryant’s apparent immature behavior but many other divas have paid their dues first.

So how does this affect the real world?  Many are concerned for Dez Bryant including his advisor David Wells who admits that Dez is in a “dark place” and with the work stoppage, Dez could be standing in a bread line.  The Dallas Cowboys have been silent and tumbleweeds are rolling across Dez Bryant’s normally active Twitter account.  Both appear to be hopping for the Mavericks to choke and have the negative attention redirected.


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